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When it comes to making money online there are countless scams and “get rich quick” schemes out there. There are new programs that promise you the world overnight coming out every day. It can be frustrating for someone who’s trying to find something legitimate, ethical, and long-lasting. So are there any good programs out there? Are there any legitimate ways to make money online? Of course, there are! In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to earn online that are legitimate and can help you succeed.

With 3.75 billion people hitting the search engines every single day there are plenty of great opportunities to earn money online. The key is taking what you are passionate about and finding ways to share it with the world in an engaging and powerful way. Most of the make money online methods will require some sort of website, YouTube channel, and social media presence. (Not all, but most.)

But not to worry, it’s never been easier to create a professional looking website and chances are, if you are reading this you already have some sort of social media account. But how do you actually earn money doing it? Let’s take a look.

Here are some of the best ways to earn online:

Blogging – Blogging has become a huge income producer for people who love to write about their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and lives and share it with the world around them. What was once mocked as a hobby has become one of the best ways to earn substantial money online. But how? The answer is simple: monetization.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. Everything from affiliate marketing, developing and selling your own product, or even simply allowing advertisers to place ads on your website. The sky is the limit and there are many people making a full-time income by blogging on a regular basis.

YouTube – Perhaps writing really isn’t your thing.  I get it. But maybe you still want to be creative and share your ideas with the world. Perhaps creating fun, informative, and entertaining videos is something that’s more your speed?

Many people have created YouTube channels that have become very successful and they are even earning a full-time living by doing it. They monetize mostly by advertisements but they also earn revenue by doing sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, and accepting donations from live streams as well.

Affiliate Marketing – This often goes hand in hand with both blogs and YouTube channels, because it’s a great revenue producer. This is what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do. You create a niche website and identify your target audience. Then you research and identify products and services that will benefit your readers and communicate it with them.

Companies are realizing the value of affiliate marketers more and more each day. Rather than spending tons of money on marketing campaigns, they allow people to write reviews and show off their products, for a small percentage of the profit. If you’ve ever read a review or watched a video about a product online, perhaps the latest smartphone, for example, chances are it was produced by an affiliate marketer.

Patreon – This is a very popular way to create some income by giving your audience added value for your content. Vloggers and bloggers have gone to Patreon to create exclusive content that is only available to those who are monetarily supporting their work.

Sometimes it’s early releases of videos or articles, special giveaways, or Patreon-only live streams, podcasts, or webinars. The donations are usually kept small ($1-$5/month) but it allows content creators to build a large audience over-time and cover a variety of expenses such as: hosting costs, production equipment, and yes, even a small salary.

Sponsored Content – Once you have established yourself within the online community and have a decent number of followers, many companies will come to you and ask you to do a review of their product. You will often see this with tech channels, gaming channels, book review sites, etc. Usually, the content creator will open up by saying something like, “This video is sponsored by, ‘fill in the blank’ company.”

Often times the sponsor will offer things such as giveaways, special promotional discounts, etc. if the viewer chooses to purchase the product via a provided link.

It’s a great way to build your reputation and help your audience find products that they may benefit from.

Freelance Work – Are you good at writing? Do you know a foreign language? Are you known as the “grammar nazi” on social media? If so, this may be a great option for you. Many small companies out there are looking for people who can take some of the labor load off of them for a fee.

You will find”gigs” for everything from being a ghostwriter, proofreading, editing, translating, and even online tutoring. There are tons of ways to offer your services. Get creative with it. Someone may be looking for a service that only YOU can offer.

Taking Online Surveys – These are becoming more and more popular. Everybody has an opinion and everybody loves sharing that opinion. Companies are constantly seeking ways to connect with their customer base and find out exactly what it is they are looking for, what advertisements work and what doesn’t, etc. It helps them in terms of product design and marketing efforts as well.

While this isn’t a particularly fast way to earn money online, if you are diligent with your efforts, you can earn a decent amount. One of the survey sites that I participate with awards me around $100 a month, plus sometimes I get to test out new products as well for free! A company once sent me a box of diapers to try out for my son which was awesome! They turned out to be higher quality than the name brand we had been using. Plus they paid us a small amount for answering a few questions about them!

Final Thoughts

The online world is constantly changing. While some monetization models aren’t quite as lucrative as they used to be, there are many other ways to help supplement and generate some great income.

As we learn of new ways we will be here to inform you so that you can break free from the monotonous “9 to 5” grind and begin doing something that you are passionate about.

We are constantly researching the best ways to earn money online. Have you discovered a great way or program not listed above? We would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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